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Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball

Boys Training

Boys Training Opportunities

Coach Joe Lim has been around the volleyball court as a player and coach for more than 15 years and professes that his years of coaching have been the best ones.

“To help young men develop character and resilience through the sport of volleyball that will help them off the court as well is an incredible experience for me.”

When I played, I realized the more time I spent on the court the better I got. “More reps, hard work, effort, dedication, and grit starts at camps, lessons, and physical training,” Coach Joe says these are some of the qualities that take athletes to the next level.

“Our camps will focus on things like volleyball IQ, a ‘next-point’ mentality, communication, and having high energy. Our focus at IJV is to not only provide all of this, but also to provide each individual young man with a framework to build their character.

Illinois Juniors Volleyball Club
Boys Training Opportunities


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