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Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball

Illinois Juniors Tryouts

Illinois Juniors Volleyball Club tryouts

Thank you to everyone who made it to our tryouts for the 2023/24 Club Season! If you have any questions, please email us


Email | 847-533-1185

Uniform Fitting - August 20

Regional teams
IJV Boys 16s 9:00 AM
IJV Boys 17s 9:10 AM
IJV Boys 18s 9:20 AM
IJV 14 NAVY 9:35 AM
IJV 15 NAVY 9:45 AM
Select Teams
IJV 15 SELECT 10:00 AM
IJV 16 SELECT 10:20 AM
IJV 17/18 NATIONAL 10:40 AM

Bring to Tryouts

Your Great Lakes USAV Membership will still be valid. Please bring that to tryouts, along with the completed medical release form.

After October 31st, 2023 you will need to renew your USAV Membership and select Juniors Volleyball Clubs - IL as your club for the 2023-2024 season.

Update Your USAV Membership before you Tryout

Follow the link that applies: New Member, Renewing/Upgrading/Current Member, or Transfer Member from another region.

The chart above will show you what age group you should tryout for. It is important for your athlete to play with their class(high school graduation year) even if they qualify for a younger age group, this is mainly due to college recruiting. Keep in mind the typical age for certain grades.



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